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The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Is Chock Full of Mandalorians


Image: Lucasfilm

Din Djarin and his adopted son Grogu are on their way back. The Mandalorian has just dropped a new trailer for season three, or what I’m going to call Oops! All Mandalorians!

Seriously, this trailer is lousy with Mandalorians talking about Mandalore with other Mandalorians. And wait a second. Is that…?

The Mandalorian | Season 3 Official Trailer | Disney+

Tucked in with a lot of familiar faces, it really seems like those are Jedi? I have to assume this is during a flashback scene, maybe during the Clone Wars, back when the Republic and Separatists were fighting tooth and nail over the planet, because there should be only one Jedi—okay, and Ahsoka—and, fine, Ezra Bridger is somewhere on a space whale—but still! There are definitely four Jedi in that shot.

Here’s the one thing that bugs me: How much of this Mandalore lore is going to make sense to people who haven’t watched the entirety of Dave Filoni’s other work? It feels like’s getting increasingly self-referential—or at least all the dude wants to do is tell stories about Mandalore. There’s a big, wide galaxy out there, and the best part of The Mandalorian has been getting to see parts of Star Wars we haven’t seen before.

Season three of The Mandalorian premieres March 1 on Disney+.

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