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The makers of Octodad just released a free dating simulator where you play as a snake

Young Horses, known for lighthearted games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Bugsnax, just released four free games that you can play on Steam right now. Even though the studio is describing them as “smaller side projects,” the games, which Young Horses is releasing under what it calls the “Free Range initiative,” all seem like fun diversions to check out if you’re looking for something silly to play.

My eye was first drawn to Snakedate, where you play as a snake looking for dates in a club. “Cruise around the club and wrap around your dates to show your affection!” according to the game’s Steam description. For some reason, it seems you are trying to date horses. Sounds great!

Maybe you’re looking for something ant-related? (Who isn’t?) Well, Young Horses released two ant-themed games, IndependANT and Antbassador. In IndependANT, which the studio describes as a tech demo to try Unreal Engine 5, you play as an ant in a living room where you collect food and talk to other ants. In Antbassador, you play as a finger with a top hat helping a colony of ants. (There are “dozens of NPCs to avoid squishing!” Young Horses says.)

Image: Young Horses

And if you’d prefer the warm embrace of Octodad’s tentacles instead, you can try Octodad: Student Edition, which the team at Young Horses made as students before the studio existed.

If you want to try any of these games, they’re available on PC for free via Steam. I’ve linked them all above, or you can grab them from Young Horses’ Steam page.

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