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The best online thrifting apps for clothes in 2023



  • Available on the web, for iOS, and for Android
  • Curtsy automatically establishes your personal algorithm to find clothes 
  • You can put in your sizing for dresses, tops, pants, and shoes
  • The price is in your hands given its “offer” system rather than just a “buy” option 

With an app that looks much like an online storefront, Curtsy is easy to navigate and intentionally categorized. There is no subscription or membership fee required, but you do have to make an account to opt into the service, free of charge. 

Once you create your account, Curtsy automatically establishes your personal algorithm to find clothes that fit both your vibe and your body with a “quiz” where you can put in your sizing for dresses, tops, pants, and shoes, as well as select some of your favorite popular brands like Lululemon or Zara. You can also “love” items using the heart icon at the bottom corner of the listing as they pop up so you can go back and easily find an item if you’re not quite ready to invest. 

On the app homepage, there are even “Popular try-on videos” that feature sellers trying on the items. Similar to Ti-Tok, the videos are short but real– showing (usually) unedited footage of the seller trying on the item, so you can clearly see the pieces’ condition, inspiration for styling, and how the piece fits the seller. So, if the fit is a concern and you clearly do (or don’t) have the same body type as the seller, you can purchase (or not) with confidence in the fit. 

Another reason we picked this as the best thrifting app was due to its excellent communication with and guidelines for sellers. The app shows buyers when the seller was last active on the app and you can directly chat with the seller at any time via an integrated free messaging service. 

Sellers are also required to ship out orders within four business days. If they don’t abide by the time frame, your order is canceled and you are refunded within 2-3 business days. If cancelation occurs, you get a notification text from Curtsy as well as a link to make sure your order was refunded which will be active in the following days. 

The price is all the more in your hands via Curtsy given its “offer” system rather than just a “buy” option. Can make an offer that is even lower than the listed price, the app will even give you the suggested price to offer. The seller has 24 hours to accept or deny your offer. 


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