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The best automatic pet feeders for fur babies in 2023

Features: Two stainless steel food bowls | Up to 50 portions per meal | 10-second audio call for pets

With a 5 L capacity and two stainless steel food bowls, this Petlibro automatic pet feeder can feed two cats at the same time (provided they want to share, of course). The black design is great at hiding dirt from messy mouths.

Set one to six meals per day, including up to 50 portions per meal with 20 ml for each portion. If you want to manually reward your cat, you can press a manual feeding button on the touchscreen to dole out an extra portion. Like the Wopet, it features a 10-second audio call to alert your cats that it’s time to eat. 

As a personal user of this cat feeder, one of the features I really enjoy is the adjustable feeding splitter to allow for different amounts of kibble to flow into each of the two bowls. The splitter will allow the portions to flow into the food bowl depending on your cats’ needs. You can also opt for the single bowl model, too.

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