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The 5 best OLED TVs of 2023


Tech specs: Screen size: 97 inches | Panel type: OLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 120Hz | HDR: Dolby Vision IQ

The 97-inch LG G2 is the brand’s largest OLED TV yet. It uses the same high-quality OLED panels as LG’s other updated TVs — so it provides brighter picture than previous models, along with a wider range of colors, and a 120Hz refresh rate.The G2 has an art gallery-inspired design, so the flush wall mounting will blend in with your wall art and decor. With Dolby Vision IQ HDR and AI-enhanced audio, you’ll also get an immersive cinematic experience when watching movies, TV shows, or even YouTube videos. 

The G2 comes with a suite of preloaded apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+, so you can start streaming your favorite videos right out of the box. It even has the LG Channels app, which offers access to over 300 free, live TV channels, so you can stay up to date with news, sports, and entertainment. And if you can’t live without your favorite virtual assistant, the LG G2 works with Alexa, Hey Google, and even Siri for hands-free voice control. The downside? The 97-inch LG G2 is astronomically expensive, coming in at around $25,0000. You’ll need extra deep pockets (or friends willing to chip in). But if you’re determined to have the biggest and best TV for your home theater, it’s a worthy investment.


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