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Tell Us Your Favorite Fast & Furious Moment


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Next week, Fast X comes racing into theaters after a minor delay and a director swap from Justin Lin to Louis Leterrier. Even though it might not be the actual penultimate end to the series as it initially seemed, you can definitely feel the finality on the horizon as various trailers and promos have had an “everyone is here!” air for Dominic Toretto and the rest of the main cast from previous films.

The longer the Fast franchise has gone on, the more common it is to look back on the series and think about how strange its arc has been. Back in 2001, the series initially seemed like “Point Break, but with cars,” and Vin Diesel’s Dom seemed like the coolest guy ever as he and his gang used stunt driving to steal DVD players. The series always existed in a heightened plane of reality, but 2011’s Fast Five is the generally agreed upon point where it became a full blown superhero franchise. (In addition to being the turnaround point where audiences agree that yeah, it’s genuinely good for wide appeal instead of a particular demographic.) It’s got every outlandish thing you could want: using a giant safe to bulldoze through Brazil, “This is BRAZIL!,” and Dwayne Johnson at the perfect intersection of “cartoon character” and “real world threat.”

Since then, every film has escalated to some degree or another. Like with the Mission: Impossible series, there’s at least one big highlight stunt that gets used in the trailers, but there’s also some other impressive set pieces throughout. For this week’s Open Channel, we want to hear your favorite moments from the Fast films. Maybe it’s something big like the skyscraper bit of Furious 7, maybe it’s Fast 4’s ridiculous moment of Dom playing private investigator. Or maybe it’s something from Hobbs & Shaw….you know, if you still remember much from that movie. Let us know in the comments below.

Fast X will hit theaters this Friday, May 19. io9 should have a review for the film in the next few days.

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