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Swarm’s killer stan is having a bloody renaissance in new trailer


Swarm tells the tale of a young woman named Dre (Dominique Fishback), just one of the countless fans who see global megastar Ni’Jah (Nirine S. Brown) as their lord and savior as well as a multiplatinum artist. As part of the “swarm” — Ni’Jah’s legion of dedicated fans who consume her music with a religious fervor — Dre isn’t used to feeling utterly alone. But when Dre’s sister and fellow fan Marissa (Chloe Bailey) begins to pull back, Dre’s relationship with the concept of Ni’Jah starts to shift, and Swarm’s new trailer spotlights just how grisly the disturbed fan’s psychological transformation is.

The trailer leaves it very open to interpretation why exactly Dre starts murdering people around her as she seemingly sets out to become more like her idol. It makes it very clear, though, that the amount of time Dre spends fixated on a Ni’Jah Twitter fan account is a big part of the problem — and that her descent into madness is going to be very mesmerizing to see when Swarm hits Amazon on March 17th.


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