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Substack launches ‘private’ newsletters | Mashable


Substack has launched a slew of new features again, this time introducing “private Substacks”(Opens in a new window) in the mix.

Like private accounts on Instagram, these newsletters will require readers to request to subscribe. Writers can then approve or decline the request, which will appear as emails in the host’s inbox. Once approved, the reader will be automatically subscribed to the private newsletter.

“Private Substacks are great for keeping in touch with friends, building communities of interest, and testing the waters for a new publication,” reads a blog post from Substack published Thursday.

Substack users can change from public to private at any time in settings(Opens in a new window). Once made private, readers won’t be able to access or view any posts — unless they request to subscribe. Owners of a private Substack can also choose to “host alone”, which presumably means running a newsletter without any sort of audience.

This new feature is just the latest in a long line of offerings from the newsletter platform, notably following its blatant bid to win over fleeing Twitter users last year, with Substack providing a Chat feature and a seamless transition process.

Alongside the private mode announced yesterday, Substack has also updated the Chat tool, improved search, and created a bunch of other tools(Opens in a new window) “that help you grow your audience and earn an income directly from subscribers, on your own terms”.


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