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Stephen Colbert brutally roasts the weirdest CES tech


There were many impressive gadgets and inventions at this year’s CES but, as is tradition, there was also plenty of weird stuff too.

In his “Cyborgasm” segment above on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert digs into the more bizarre side of the Consumer Electronics Show, from a plodding golf robot (“Finally a solution to the problem of golf being too fast”) to a colour-changing car (“As you can see from these colour choices, it’s the perfect car for the Easter bunny’s midlife crisis”).

His best line, though, came in response to the “snore-silencing” pillow that apparently helps quell nightmare noises.

“Fun fact: Every pillow is a snore-silencing pillow if you’re willing to do the time.”

For everything else you missed at CES, we’ve got a mega roundup for you.


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