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Singapore opens up its airport to the metaverse


Singapore’s Changi Airport has created a virtual space in which users can experience its popular features, including an indoor waterfall. 

Called ChangiVerse, the “virtual reality airport” is accessible on games platform Roblox, where users will be able to explore familiar sights such as the control tower, said Changi Airport Group (CAG). It touted its debut in the metaverse as the first time an airport had created a virtual world on Roblox, which has a global base of 59.5 million daily active users. 

Roblox has created more than 30 million immersive experiences, spanning concerts, sports, and fashion shows.

ChangiVerse features three key areas–Jewel, Terminal 3, and Airport Boulevard–each comprising virtual replicas of the airport’s familiar landmarks, including the indoor waterfall at Jewel. The signature floor tile design and ceiling panels at Terminal 3’s departure hall also can be spotted in its virtual copy.  

Users will be able participate in mini games as they explore the virtual space and gain experience points to unlock access to special items or areas, said CAG. 

Changi this year was voted the best airport by travellers in Skytrax’s annual World Airport Awards.

“With our customers becoming more digitally savvy and interacting in the digital space, ChangiVerse is about engaging our customers and serving them better through innovation and experimentation,” said Hung Jean, CAG’s group senior vice president of enterprise digital ecosystem and business.

ChangiVerse was developed with Accenture’s metaverse continuum business group. 

A recent study FIS revealed 82% of Singapore organisations believed the metaverse would have major or moderate impact on their business over the next year. Another 84% anticipated this impact to be felt in three years. 



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