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Saturday Night Live Sketch Gives M3GAN a Sequel


Image: Blumhouse/Universal

The success of Universal and Blumhouse’s M3GAN during the month can be attributed to a few factors, but it definitely resonated with queer audiences. Maybe it was because of her hair, the way she always looks like she’s throwing shade, or maybe just that she’s doing murders: call it what you want, she found that niche.

Her sequel isn’t due out for another two years, but fortunately, Saturday Night Live released a skit to give us an idea of the horror that awaits in M3GAN 2.0. And the comedy show’s pitch for the sequel? Target gay men as directly as possible. With two M3gans on hand (played by Chloe Fineman and guest host Aubrey Plaza), the sketch is basically two minutes of the doll duo insulting a bunch of gay guys at the club and dancing at the club.

M3GAN 2.0 – SNL

Plaza and Fine really do make a good pair of M3gans, and they’re committed to the bit. But honestly, the sketch is at its strongest when it’s poking fun at the movie’s absurd rise in popularity and M3gan’s rise to viral fame over the weeks. (“It’s like Bros, but for gays” is a pretty jab on several layers!) Otherwise, it’s basically what you’d expect: the M3gans being catty to gay guys and it being laughed off and “yas queen”’d. Even when Allison Williams shows up towards the end to remind us of one of her most well-known scenes on Girls, M3gan’s gay hostility is the main gag.

The actual M3GAN sequel will release on January 17, 2025. In the time between now and then, there’ll be two Pride months for M3gan to potentially show up at, either with Universal’s blessing or fans making their own costumes. Suffice to say, that murderous toy is gonna be a part of queer culture for awhile, and that will surely grow when her movie gets closer to release.

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