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Samsung adds Galaxy S22 phones and some laptops to its DIY repair program


When Samsung first launched the self-repair program in August, customers only had access to limited OEM parts like replacement back covers, USB-C charge ports, and screens for previous generation Galaxy S20 and S21 devices, as well as the Tab S7. Even with the addition of S22 devices, not much has changed in terms of what customers can officially fix.

Samsung Galaxy S22 batteries and displays are still stuck together as one

Looking at the options, one annoyance is Samsung’s insistence on shipping genuine Galaxy S screens and batteries as single assemblies, so you need to pay for a display even if just your battery has failed (or worse). But the reason they’re stuck together stems from the company’s choice to use non-removable adhesives for the battery, which makes it risky to split them apart without damaging them — unless you have chemicals and / or careful prying skills.

Even with the combination screen and battery, prices are at least not outrageous. An S22 Ultra screen and battery together are $166.99, including tools. In comparison, Apple is charging about $194 for an iPhone 13 mini display (after you return the old part), $69.00 for the battery, and you’ll need to rent tools for $49.00 to do the repair. As for the rest of the new Samsung parts, the chart below summarizes the prices:

Samsung not including the S22 parts at the launch of its repair program was a glaring omission, but the company has at least finally made it available. And for those that own Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 notebooks, being able to replace the battery or the top case and keyboard by yourself is a big win. Meanwhile, Apple’s own self-repair program continues to lack the option to DIY fix its latest iPhone 14 devices. MacBook Pros are also available for self-repairs now, but it can get really expensive compared to fixing Samsung notebooks.

But Samsung still doesn’t have self-repair options for its hot Fold devices, which you’ll probably want to get Samsung’s Care Plus subscription on. And with new phones imminent, we can only guess at how long it will be until the first new owners are able to stock up on parts — especially for anyone thinking of going case-less with your next phone.


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