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Razer’s Edge Gaming handheld now available in Wi-Fi and 5G flavors



Razer’s Edge gaming handheld is finally available in both its Wi-fi equipped and 5G-enabled versions, with Verizon at long last confirming exactly what buyers can expect to pay for the 5G version, and what financing options are available. 

The device originally debuted to the public back in October 2022 at Razercon, and was given a full spec sheet during Razer’s CES 2023 presentations earlier this month. 

We’ve known since the initial reveal that the Wi-Fi version of the Razer Edge would be a Razer.com exclusive, and would retail for $399.99. This version and the 5G model below both include the Edge itself (the tablet portion of the device) and the Razer Kishi V2 Pro mobile controller, which adds hardware buttons, analog sticks, haptic feedback, and a 3.5mm audio port for headsets. 

Razer's Kishi V2 Pro controller for its Razer Edge gaming handheld

The Kishi V2 Pro can also be used with other USB-C equipped Android devices.


Razer has also promised that later in Q1 it will updated the Kishi V2 Pro with the ability to map its physical buttons to on-screen controls, providing a way to use its physical inputs for what would normally be touchscreen-only games. 

While we’ve known the above info for months, the pricing and financing options for the Verizon Wireless-exclusive 5G version remained a mystery, until now. Beginning today, shoppers can buy the cellular model for either $599.99 at full retail price, or for $10 per month for 36 months when adding the device to a new or existing line. 

Razer's Edge handheld and Kishi V2 Pro controller add-on

The full device with its 6.8-inch, 144Hz AMOLED display.


Pricing for the required 5G service subscription will require an additional monthly fee, which will depend on which plan you choose and any applicable discounts for maintaining additional smartphone or data subscriptions with Verizon. 

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Verizon is currently offering a limited-time promotion that includes the first three months of 5G data as a free bonus. Additional details on the pricing and availability of both models can be found at their respective buy links above.


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