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Microsoft is testing this neat split-screen tabs feature for its Edge browser


Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is working on a new split-screen feature that lets Edge fans on macOS and Windows split an open window into two tabs for a side-by-side comparison of content. 

The new feature is being tested now in the latest daily builds of Edge in the Canary Channel, according to The Verge.

After enabling the experimental feature in Canary Edge, a split-screen icon is located to the right of the address bar. Clicking the icon splits the open tab into two equally-sized tabs, with the current window appearing on the left while the other window is populated by a grid of opened tabs as thumbnails. Clicking the icon again or closing one of the screens returns the tab to an un-split view. 

Users can also configure each of the split-screen tabs to ‘open a link in the current tab’ or ‘open a link from the left to the right tab’. However, these appear to be at different stages of implementation on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users can also right+click or Ctrl+click to open a link from the first window in a new split window.   

Closing either of the split windows will return the browser to a single screen. It’s also possible to create multiple split screens in each open tab and, after splitting the screen, there’s a ‘new tab’ icon that opens a Bing search box when clicked. 

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The feature sits behind an experimental flag in Canary Edge, but can be tested by anyone after downloading it, typing in edge//:flags and then scrolling down to “Microsoft Edge Split Screen” from the list and enabling it. 

Windows and macOS already have split-view capabilities for comparing windows from different open application windows. But having the option to split a screen within a browser tab with a single click is fast and convenient, combined with the option to choose what page to view in the other side of the screen via multiple thumbnails. 

The response from Reddit users, where the new feature was initially revealed, was positive. Some point out that Vivaldi and the new invite-only Arc browser also offer various split-screen implementations.


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