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Marvel Reveals New X-Men Comics for Fall of X Event

Image: Leonard Kirk/Marvel Comics

The creators: Ed Brisson (Predator) & Scott Godlewski (Batman vs. Robin)

The pitch: Alpha Flight has previously worked with the X-Men in the past, but more recently, they’ve been operating as an extension of the spacefaring group SWORD in books such as Captain Marvel. The new mini returns them to their Canadian roots, and have them sponsored by the government as they “de-escalate the mutant conflict by any means necessary.”

Heading up that team is Puck, Snowbird, Guardian, and Shaman, and they’ve also got some Canada-made Sentinels on their side if things with the mutants get too nasty. (Or rather, when.) In its five-issue miniseries, the titular team will be going up against their former friends Northstar, Aurora, Nemesis, and Daken, now going under the codename Fang.

Alpha Flight #1 will release on August 16.

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