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How to pre-order OnePlus 11 and find the best deals


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OnePlus announced its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 11. And if you’re looking to upgrade from your current device or a more affordable starter smartphone for older family members, teens, or kids, it’s an excellent choice. You can choose between the 128GB or 256GB models to give you all the storage you need for photos, videos, and music. 

Both models feature 100W fast charging, letting you go from dead to fully charged in about 25 minutes, which is perfect for when you forgot to charge overnight. They also use upgraded, crystalline-graphene materials to help draw away excess heat to keep delicate components inside safe from thermal damage. And if you’re an avid mobile photographer, the rear cameras support HDR for more true-to-life colors and detailing.

The best feature of the OnePlus 11 is its price: $799 for the 256GB and $699 for the 128GB. And since the OnePlus 11 runs an Android-based operating system, you’ll get a familiar-feeling smartphone for a fraction of the price of a flagship Apple or Samsung smartphone. But if you’re looking to save even more, you can pre-order the OnePlus 11 at Amazon, Best Buy, and directly through OnePlus; and each retailer offers exclusive deals and discounts. 

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 11 will not be sold through T-Mobile, and is not available yet through Verizon or AT&T. Though it’s worth keeping an eye on their storefronts to snag a OnePlus 11 if and when they become available.

The best OnePlus 11 pre-order deals

A few retailers are offering pre-orders and exclusive deals like $100 gift cards, digital services, and free protective cases. Pre-orders are open now, with expected shipment times of 6 to 10 days. So, it’s best to order now to have your new OnePlus 11 on launch day.

Amazon and Best Buy are both offering $100 gift cards if you pre-order through them. And if you order directly through OnePlus’ website, you can get up to a $500 trade-in credit towards the OnePlus 11. Also, if you’re a student, you can qualify for an additional 5 percent discount, making this one of the most affordable smartphone pre-orders for teens and young adults.

How to buy the OnePlus 11

Start by choosing which retail link to follow above (Amazon, Best Buy, or OnePlus), based on store loyalty or whoever offers the best deal. It’s up to you. Then you’ll select either the 128GB  or 256GB model and then your color: black or green. You can then check out and choose to pay in-full right away or take advantage of any payment plans available. 

A payment plan can be a great way to make upgrading your devices more affordable since they break the total cost into monthly payments over the course of usually two years. But be sure to read payment plan rules and terms of use very carefully, as they may require interest payments as well. And this will add to the final cost of the phone. 

For example: If you order the OnePlus 11 128GB from Best Buy and choose to use your store credit card to pay for it, you’ll have up to 24 months to pay off the $700 without interest. However, if you need more than 24 months to pay off the phone, you’ll have to start paying up to 30 percent interest. This means your monthly payment of $29.17 is now going to be $38.06, and that could mean you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars more just to cover the interest. 

What does the OnePlus 11 feature for tech specs?

If you haven’t heard of OnePlus as a brand before, it’s natural to want to know what hardware it’s running with. So here’s a handy chart to see what the OnePlus 11 is built with, and how it stands up against the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23:





Display type

Display size



Refresh rate

Battery life

OnePlus 11


Snapdragon 8 Gen 2




16MP Front, 32/48/50 MP Rear



8-10 hours

iPhone 14


A15 Bionic


Super Retina XDR/OLED


12/12MP Rear; 12MP Front

2532 x 1170


Up to 20 hours

Galaxy 23


Snapdragon 8 Gen 2




12MP Front, 10/12/50 Rear



Up to 22 hours

Want to know more about the OnePlus 11?

See ZDNET’s review: OnePlus 11 review: You win some, you lose some (features).


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