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History of Star Wars’ Darksaber—From Clone Wars to Mandalorian


Screenshot: Lucasfilm

But is anything ever really gone in Star Wars? It’s telling that the Darksaber was simply grievously damaged rather than completely destroyed—and even when the galaxy far, far away has seemingly gone out of its way to show a legendary weapon like a lightsaber being lost, it can still find its way into the hands of a new hero. While it seems like The Mandalorian and Star Wars at large are currently ready to move on from the rebuilding of Mandalore as a focal storyline, there are potential seeds in place that could tease the reforging of the Darksaber anew.

Ahsoka, the next Star Wars live-action streaming series set to air this August, is largely going to be set either concurrent with, or perhaps likely in the wake of, the events of The Mandalorian season three. What little we’ve seen of the show already indicates that it will focus on its own narrative, as Ahsoka gathers allies to prepare for the seeming return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, an intriguing character glimpsed in the first teaser trailer for the series gives Star Wars a potential way out to a Darksaber reborn.

That character is none other than the droid Huyang. Voiced by Doctor Who icon David Tennant, Huyang appeared briefly in Clone Wars as an ancient servant of the Jedi Order, who spent tens of thousands of years training Jedi younglings in the process of creating their first lightsaber. That he’s survived into the time of the New Republic already makes him one of the oldest Star Wars characters in existence at this point, but most crucially he is one of the few remaining characters with the knowledge of building and repairing a lightsaber, even one as old and as heavily damaged as the Darksaber is.

Given that Ahsoka will be teaming up with the Darksaber’s one-time wielder Sabine Wren in the series, and the need for all the help she can get against threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn… could Huyang play a vital role in returning to the Mandalorians a powerful symbol of resistance thought lost? We’ll have to wait and see.


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