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Enjoy $70 off Samsung’s rugged Shield SSD drives at Amazon



Once, many moons ago, having a PC with a storage capacity of 250MB was considered top-of-the-range. Now, anything less than 256GB is seen as tiny, especially considering the high storage demands of modern apps, software, and content such as TV shows, films, and games. 

Now we also take our digital files on the road with us. Extra storage capacity is almost a must for content creators, videographers, and photographers — leading to the development of portable SSD lines designed to work well in different environments. 

The Samsung Shield, for example, is a rugged, portable SSD drive able to meet these demands. Rugged SSD drives often command a higher price point than typical drives, but during Amazon’s sale, you can enjoy $70 off (44%) a Samsung T7 Shield SSD portable drive with 1TB of capacity. During the sale, the Shield’s price has reduced from $160 to $90.

Samsung’s heavy-duty portable SSD drives are perfect for people in the field, including photographers and content creators. The Samsung T7 Shield offers 1TB of storage capacity, IP65 dust and water resistance, 1,050/1,000 MB/s read/write speeds, and has been drop tested to 9.8 feet. The portable SSD is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, Android, and gaming consoles.

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While 1TB will be ample storage space for many, if you are a prolific content creator who needs to store large files constantly, you might opt for a higher capacity in your Shield.

If so, you can also save 35% on a Shield with four times the capacity. The 4TB Samsung T7 Shield usually retails for $430, but you can take advantage of a $150 discount, which brings the cost down to $280.

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