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Apple may have scrapped plans for a new HomePod mini


With this week’s return of the , you might think it would make sense for Apple to start working on a new . After all, the company hasn’t announced a hardware refresh for the device since its introduction in 2020, and the smart speaker market is one of the . However, it appears no such update is in the works.

In his latest , Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman says he believes the company is not “actively working” on a new HomePod mini. Pointing to the second-generation HomePod, he notes it “doesn’t include any major new functions that aren’t already in the $99 mini, so there isn’t an obvious reason to update the model.” Gurman suggests Apple is more likely to improve the mini by releasing software updates that address shortcomings involving Siri and app integration because that’s where “real improvements probably need to be made.”

To that point, Apple recently updated the HomePod mini’s software to that had been in the device since release. As Gurman points out, the newly reintroduced HomePod adds features previously exclusive to the HomePod mini, including and Thread connectivity.

While a new HomePod mini could be years away, Apple likely has other smart home products on the horizon. In August, Gurman reported the company was working on a smart display, as well as a device that combines the functionality of an Apple TV, camera and HomePod into a single offering. At the time, he said those could arrive by early 2024.

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