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11 Best Deals: Sex Toys and Indestructible Tights and Other Apparel


The shamrock shake isn’t the only thing coming back this March—some of our favorite sex toys are on sale again. We’ve gone ahead and whisked off the cream of that particular crop and presented them below, along with a couple of non-sex-toy deals that came our way. 

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Sex Toy Deals

Lovehoney Rose

Photograph: Lovehoney

Lovehoney’s Rose is a suction toy that uses air pulses to simulate some of the sensations experienced during oral sex. Plus it’s a cute little thing. It’s stylized to look like a rosebud, with a soft flat surface that provides plenty of area for diffuse stimulation during use.

These aren’t for everyone, but if you’re in the market for a harness or you’re curious about them, this is a good one to start with. The straps can look intimidating but it’s super easy to use and fits just about any toy with a flared base. 

For people with phalluses, this soft stroker offers two surfaces for stimulation. It’s reversible, so you get two totally different textures to experiment with. Just make sure you use lube; these things can be very unpleasant without it. 

Lelo’s Lily 3 is a straightforward little nightstand classic. The curved body fits comfortably into your palm, and the silicone shell is pliable, soft, and pleasant to touch. Like most Lelo toys, it features a sleek design and a surprisingly powerful motor, plus it comes with a little pouch for it to sleep in between uses. 

Lelo Gigi 2

Photograph: Lelo

The Gigi 2 is designed to stimulate the G-spot. It works as an external vibrator because of the size of its head, but the angle and style of the vibrations are designed to directly hit your G-spot internally. It doesn’t have a flared base, which makes it unsafe for anal play, so don’t try it for the P-spot. 

Lelo’s Soraya 2 adds a couple of quality-of-life innovations to the classic rabbit vibe. It can be hard to use internal toys on yourself if they’re shaped too “realistically” (like an anatomical model of an erect phallus), so the curved grip on the Soraya 2 is a welcome addition. Plus it’s stylish enough to just set on your coffee table as a bit of modern sculpture. 

Think about what kind of vibrator you’d see in Star Trek. That’s basically the Smart Wand 2. It’s a play on the classic Magic Wand design, but Lelo’s version is all sleek angles, with a polished grip and a continuous silicone outer shell. Like the classic Magic Wand, this one is powerful, but its broad head diffuses the vibrations over a large surface area, making it a great choice for anyone who likes indirect (or very intense direct) stimulation. 

Apparel Deals

Sheertex Tights

Photograph: Sheertex

I’ve had a pair of these for years, and I’ve put them through the wringer, but there’s not a single run to be seen. Sheertex even dares you to try and rip them (with your hands) when you unbox them. I’ve tried, and I don’t know what kind of witchcraft is at work here, but these things are damn near indestructible. They’re a practical and stylish addition to any wardrobe (and extra fun when you’re dressing things up in the bedroom).

Tights aren’t for everyone, but Sheertex’s No Sweat shorties absolutely are. These things are as rugged and robust as the tights, but they’re just a pair of little shorties for wearing around the house or under a skirt, or even under jeans. They’re form-fitting and durable, and because they’re made from the same sheer-ish material as the tights, they’re breathable.

These comfy mesh shorts are great for the coming warm weather. They’re easy to cinch tight with the laces, look stylish in this winter moss color, and are just plain comfy to wear. 

This is an incredibly soft hoodie that’s stretchy but doesn’t feel too constricting. It works for various seasons, even cooler summer nights. There are thumb holes and a kangaroo pouch, and it has a cropped fit. Read more about in it our Best Loungewear guide


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